Advanced Drilling Technology - Training in Drilling Operations

This five-day course is part 2 of our series on drilling technology, a supervisor level course suited for experienced field personnel.

Locations Offered

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The ADT course is Part 2 of the two-part series in drilling technology. Participants are recommended to complete the PDT course and a supervisory level well control course prior to enrolling in the ADT. This course is ideal for drillers, toolpushers, rig managers, wellsite leaders, superintendents, and engineers. The ADT covers some advanced well control methods, but does not include well control certification. WAM  offers Well Control classes for IADC WellSharp and IWCF certification at Levels 2, 3, and 4.
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How We Teach the Course

In addition to lecture with whiteboard & PowerPoint, we use discussion, exercises, workshops & homework to reinforce the subjects taught.
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Topics Covered

The following topics are covered in the ADT course:
  • Pre-Spud Meeting
  • Communication
  • Hole Trends
  • Problem Solving Model
  • Drill String Design
  • Casing & Cementing
  • Drillout Considerations
  • Leak-Off Tests & Formation Integrity Tests
  • Tripping
  • Limitations to Control Capability
  • Salt Water Flows & Kick Identification
  • Advanced Methods of Well Control (Driller’s, Wait & Weight, Modified Wait & Weight, Volumetric & Lubrication)
  • Underground Blowouts
  • Lost Circulation from Propagation Losses
  • Deviation & Stuck Pipe
  • Freeing Techniques
  • Kick-Off Plugs
  • Advanced Mud & Advanced Mud Solids
  • Hydraulics
  • Top Hole Cleaning
  • Shallow Gas & Diverting
  • Causes of Abnormal Pressure
  • Well Control Red Flags & Transition Zone Indicators
  • Logging & Perforating
  • High Pressure High Temperature Considerations
  • Shales
  • BOP Equipment Considerations
  • Subsea Equipment Considerations
  • Gas Cap Drilling
  • Squeezing for Holes in Shoes & Top of Liners
  • Liner Cementing
  • Production Squeezes
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Cancellation Policy

We request that all cancellations be made at least one week before the class start date. You may reschedule this class without any penalty. However, a $250 fee will be charged for cancellations received less than one week before a class begins and for no-shows. Cancellation penalties and any fees incurred by Well Academy Murchison will be deducted from refunds.
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