Well Control Level 4 - Training for Well Control Certification

Locations Offered

  -  IADC WellSharp
  -  IWCF

Houston Training Center   → Register now!

Colorado Training Center   → Register now!

Vernon College (Wichita Falls)   → Register now!

Course Fees  (Certification options are selected in the registration process and may modify the base price of $1350.)

  • $1350.00 per student for IADC WellSharp Surface certification
  • $1400.00 per student for IADC WellSharp Combined Surface & Subsea certification
  • $2250.00 per student for IWCF certification
  • $2500.00 per student - add IADC to IWCF (no WOC)
  • $2800.00 per student - add IADC to IWCF (plus WOC)
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The objective of this course is to teach well control competency to toolpushers, OIMs, wellsite supervisors, superintendents, and engineers. A secondary objective is to prepare participants for either the IWCF or IADC well control certification exams. Level 4 certification can be taken for Surface or Combined Surface and Subsea. BOP equipment, drilling fluids, barrier management, kick detection, shut-in procedures, kill sheets, various methods of well control, and organizing a well control operation are all taught in this course. A thorough understanding of how well control problems develop, how they should be solved, and how to prevent them are discussed. There is an extensive amount of simulator work in the course with an assortment of simulated problems.
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How We Teach the Course

In addition to lecture with whiteboard & PowerPoint, we use discussion, exercises, workshops & homework to reinforce the subjects taught.

Well control certification testing for both IADC and IWCF is done on laptops, online. If you'd like to get a feel for IADC online testing, click here. IWCF also provides registered candidates an opportunity to practice on a "Mock Assessment".
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Topics Covered

  • Basic Concepts
    • Hydrostatic Pressure
    • Friction Pressure
    • Bottom Hole Pressure
    • U-Tube Principle
    • Gas Behavior
  • Basic Well Control Methods & Determination of Method
  • Abnormal Pressure
  • Transition Zone Indicators & Kick Recognition
  • Shut-In Methods
  • Kill Sheet (Surface & Subsea)
  • LOT/PIT Considerations
  • Kick Size & Kick Tolerance
  • Well Control Complications & Gauge Limitations
  • Advanced Well Control Methods (part 1)
    • Volumetric
    • Lube & Bleed
    • Stripping
  • Barriers
  • Casing Testing & Negative Tests
  • Shallow Gas & Diverting
  • Subsea Well Control Considerations
  • BOP Equipment
  • General Mud Topic
  • Risk Management & Management of Change
  • Well Control Drills
  • Cementing Considerations
  • Well Control in Deviated Holes
  • Tripping Practices
  • Advanced Well Control Methods (part 2)
    • Bullheading
    • Reversing
  • Simulator Exercises
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Cancellation Policy

We request that all cancellations be made at least one week before the class start date. You may reschedule this class without any penalty. However, a $250 fee will be charged for cancellations received less than one week before a class begins and for no-shows. Cancellation penalties and any fees incurred by Well Academy Murchison will be deducted from refunds.
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Important IWCF Information

  1. We currently only offer IWCF certification at our Houston Training Center.
  2. We are required to order IWCF tests ten days before the test date. Therefore, IWCF candidates must enroll no later than one week before the first day of class.
  3. IWCF Candidates must register for an account on IWCF FORUM. Once registered and approved by the IWCF, a candidate ID number will be issued. IWCF candidates will need their candidate ID before registering for a well control class.
    Click here for information on registering at IWCF FORUM and for the Candidate User Guide.
  4. IWCF is providing a "Mock Assessment" for registered candidates. You can practice with IWCF's online testing.
    Click here for more info.
  5. IWCF has made significant changes to the Equipment assessment. Read Bill's article about these changes.
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