Drilling Well Control Level 4 (Supervisor) - Vernon College - May 9, 2022

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The objective of this course is to teach well control competency to toolpushers, OIMs, wellsite supervisors, superintendents, and engineers. A secondary objective is to prepare participants for either the IWCF or IADC well control certification exams. Level 4 certification can be taken for Surface or Combined Surface and Subsea. BOP equipment, drilling fluids, barrier management, kick detection, shut-in procedures, kill sheets, various methods of well control, and organizing a well control operation are all taught in this course. A thorough understanding of how well control problems develop, how they should be solved, and how to prevent them are discussed. There is an extensive amount of simulator work in the course with an assortment of simulated problems.

IADC WellSharp Workover & Completion supplement can be added to the course for $300.

This course will be held in room 713 of Century City Center 
Vernon College 
4105 Maplewood Ave 
Wichita Falls, TX 76308