Murchison Well Control Manual

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Well Control for the Man on the Rig
Publisher: Murchison Drilling Schools, Inc.
Year Published: , fully revised in 2010!

Well Control is of vital importance in the drilling industry and must be well-understood by drillers, toolpushers and company representatives. This comprehensive manual covers all aspects of Well Control in many different situation and includes numerous case histories and examples.

Section 1 - Well Control

  • Government Rules and Regulations
  • Well Control Equipment
  • Warning Signs of Kicks
  • Drilling Fluids
  • Introduction to Well Control Procedures
  • Causes of Kicks
  • Closing in a Well for Well Control Purposes
  • Well Control Operations (Methods of Control)
  • Rig Math for the Man on the Rig
  • Unusual Well Control Operations
  • Shallow Gas Kicks
  • BOP Diverter and Closing System
  • Equipment Limitations
  • Mechanics Involved in Difficult Well Control Situations
  • Abnormal Pressure and Means of Detecting
  • Supervising Well Control Operations
  • Well Control Drills

Section 2 - Associated Problems

  • Lost Circulation
  • Abnormal and Maximum Annular Surface Pressure
  • Problems Associated with Well Control When Pipe is Off Bottom
  • Hole in Drill Pipe or Drill Collar
  • More Than One Kick
  • Determining Standpipe Shut In Pressure With a Float Valve in String
  • Handling of Contaminants on Surface
  • Small Influx Into Well Bore and Trip Gas
  • Washing Out or Plugging Within the Circulating System
  • Failures of Blowout Prevention Equipment
  • Mud Changes
  • Fishing Inside Tubing with Hydrocarbon Zone Exposed
  • Assuming a Well is Safe When a Liner Has Been Run Before Drilling Out
  • Assuming the People Understand What They Are Supposed to do While Controlling a Kick is Extended Complacency
  • Assuming a Kick is Salt Water and Circulating Out at Constant Pit Level
  • Pulling Pipe Into Casing When a Kick is Detected
  • Killing the Well With Excessive Mud Weight
  • Circulating the Contaminant Out Prior to Raising Mud Weight
  • Accepting Data From Others After a Well is in Trouble
  • Casing Protector Rubbers Swelling Due to Gas
  • Well is Shut in With a Pit Volume Gain and Annular Pressure but Zero Pressure on the Standpipe
  • Re-Entering a Well Which Has Blown Out and Bridged Over
  • The Exposed Formations Will Not Support Kill Mud and a Trip is Needed to Run Protective Casing
  • Pressure on Annulus Between Casing Strings
  • Cementing Liners
  • Reverse Circulating a Kick
  • Tripping While Drilling Underbalanced
  • Pit Volume Gain and Zero Pressure on Standpipe and Annulus
  • Pit Volume Gain and Standpipe and Annulus Pressures Equal
  • Trying to Outrun a Kick Without Shutting the Well In
  • Drilling With Improper Weighting Material
  • Fluctuating Pump Rate While Holding Drill Pipe Pressure Constant
  • Shortages of Materials
  • Gas Cap Drilling
  • Drilling in Sour Gas Formations
  • Underground Blowouts
  • Casing Failure During Production Testing
  • Closing BOPs With Short Surface String
  • Liner Collapse in Deep Wells
  • Casing Collapse From Running Drill Stem Test
  • Excessive Annulus Pressures
  • Killing a Well with Drill Pipe Float in Upside Down
  • Excessively Fast "Slow Circulating Rates" for Well Killing
  • Blowout Case Histories Associated with Gas Cap Drilling
  • Abnormal Pressure Detection

Section 3 - Charts, Tables & Figures