Principles of the U-Tube
June 17, 2020

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Managing many drilling operations requires a good basic knowledge of the Principles of the U-Tube. Operations such as drilling ahead, tripping, slugging pipe, performing a leak off test, MPD, and virtually all of the well control procedures cannot be safely and competently supervised without these principles being understood. This webinar defines what a U-Tube is, how pressures at various locations of the U-Tube relate to each other and how knowledge of the U-Tube allows supervisors to predict, troubleshoot, and most importantly, keep the well under control.

Richard has thirty seven years of experience in drilling. He has held positions from roustabout to drilling superintendent, including four years as a well control instructor. Richard is previously retired from a major oil company where he was part of a well engineering process safety team. He is a certified IWCF & IADC well control instructor.