Tripping Practices for the Man on the Rig

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Tripping Practices for the Man on the Rig by
Publisher: Murchison Drilling Schools, Inc.
Year published:

This book covers a full range of topics related to tripping, including:
  • Problems associated with tripping
  • Mechanical considerations
  • Hole considerations
  • Mud considerations
  • Slugging considerations
  • Trip Schedules
  • Special top hole tripping considerations
  • Tripping considerations in high pressure wells
  • Well control related to tripping
  • Governmental regulations related to tripping
  • Recommended company policies related to tripping
  • Tripping formulas
  • Glossary of tripping terms
Willie Lyon, PE, who has 43 years operational experience states, “This is the most complete document on the subject of tripping that I am aware of in the industry….No rig supervisor or anyone responsible for rig supervisors should be without the knowledge and experience that is represented in this book.”

Tripping Practices For The Man On The Rig is 132 pages, printed in color.

The most complete book on tripping in the industry, covering: mechanical considerations, hole considerations, mud considerations, slugging, top-hole, high pressure, well control, formulas and a glossary.